Due to the nature of the industry, which each year sees dozens of poker rooms to be born and disappear, Gambling Betting is always cautious in reviewing a new poker room, but no doubt Red Kings is the best room of the new generation. Since its appearance in 2007, Red Kings has quickly earned a reputation as the place for a thrilling game and supports its media visibility with a valid site that we are more than happy to recommend. Thanks to an excellent site, in every point of view, Red Kings continues to attract new players to himself.

Does not excel in one field, it exceeds in EVERY field! Of all the products offered by the software provider OnGame, Red Kings is the newest and brightest. If the first poker rooms offered by this platform aroused the most of lukewarm reactions, On Game has undoubtedly refined its work and software Red Kings is simply a masterpiece. The site offers plenty of eye-catching graphics and a wide variety of poker games totally fine (Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, Seven-Card Stud, Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo, the increasingly widespread and Five-Card Draw, of course, Texas Hold'em in limit, no limit and pot limit variations on).

Additionally it supports a good selection of free casino games that do not need to be downloaded, designed to entertain players that are waiting to sit in one of the increasingly crowded poker tables. The superior performance of Red Kings have quickly gained a large followed by tournaments that have seen participants on the order of tens of thousands and peaks during the weekends, to 20,000 players for the evening. 13 selected languages make it accessible to players in every corner of the planet and the various deposit options and payment guarantee to every player to be welcomed. Red Kings is a proven leader in the field of deposit! New members, upon filing, may choose from six bonus options, at a percentage of 100% on deposits up to $ 1000 in deposits incremental can get to make money an incredible 2000% (yes, 2000!) Up a $5,000 deposit.

No other poker room offers a high roller like Red Kings, but also the player used to focus less has its own benefits. Participating in special promotions of the site, you can earn even more free cash, for example by friends or participating in their traditional loyalty program. If you play your cards right, the bonus Red Kings could make you get up from the table with a lot of free cash. If Red Kings has some flaws, we have not yet discovered. If you are looking guaranteed fun in a casino that is also suitable for less experienced players, then sign on Red Kings.