In 2001, due to some complications due to software defects, has had a difficult start. Today it is hard to believe that the same site is not always so impeccable. This is a site for serious players, looking for a challenging game but not impossible and a table so comfortable, but keeping up with technology. PokerRoom has done a great job on all fronts, without being pretentious or losing sight of his priority: their regular players. As mentioned earlier, the software PokerRoom have had some problems before we get to success, but this now seems exceeded.

During our tests on the site we have not encountered any problems. The new software easily supports many tables and manages high traffic without any abnormality. We recommend you download all the software package, so take advantage of the many options for players (like custom avatars) and cutting-edge graphics, but members eager to play will be happy to know that PokerRoom also offers a Java version of the site which allows to avoid long download times and go directly to the table. While most of the well-established poker rooms, to recruit new members, relies on its reputation and promotions, PokerRoom continues to offer generous bonuses the old and new players.

Perhaps it is for this reason that, recentemtente, the site has registered a new boom accesses. When it offered a 100% bonus on deposits up to $100. Although not a bonus so incredible, new players can still take advantage of free access to three special tournaments. Staying true to PokerRoom you can take advantage of a loyalty program which includes bonuses, freerolls, and a variety of fun and original promotions. Do not make mistakes, is certainly a site designed for the male universe. From tournaments to high rate of testosterone (as The Bounty and Poker Island) to masculine design, the site is made to attract aggressive players. That's right, this kind it really appeals to many. The tables at PokerRoom are tough but, if you know how to play your cards right, are very attractive. If you want a poker room that can give real emotions, then Gambling Betting recommends