Paradise Poker is the height of the expression "old hen makes good soup". Born in 1999, this popular poker room has not only stood the test of time, but continues to improve and to occupy a prominent place in industry reviews. Although increased competition has led to a slight reduction in traffic, Paradise Poker continues to remain one of the best attractions for online poker players of all levels.

Being a poker room a little antiquated, Paradise Poker is not exactly flawless in terms of style or software, but still has one offering a quality product. Years of experience in managing a very popular poker room have solved every imperfection, so players can expect from the site reliable performance. The uniqueness of proprietary software continues to support high traffic and ument of game options and graphics, although not too flashy, is more than enough to attract new players. Paradise Poker works hard to attract new players, but it is Clearly, after years of offering a high level of service, the site does not need to impress its members with a trendy design or elaborate promotions. What Paradise Poker offers, rather, it is a gaming experience consistently positive, safe and reliable. This does not necessarily mean that savings benefits offered to the players (their 100% bonus up to € 500 deposit is above average), just do not rely on bonuses to attract players.

To accommodate the many international players, the site also offers a number of languages ​​without equal - around 19 different versions. And although the options available for transferring funds are somewhat limited, offering a reward to this lack of methods of transferring money among the fastest available online. It is thanks to the desire to provide an excellent poker at Paradise Poker has earned the dubious reputation of being "infested by sharks." There are lots of new and inexperienced players who register on the site every day, but the high limit tables makes them more competitive network. Paradise Poker has maintained for more than nine of the highest standards of online poker. It is a poker room designed to satisfy the real poker players. This attracts the best? Certainly, but remember that you have to give their best to attract the best. If you have the right skills to compete, then do not miss Paradise Poker.